Thursday, 12 February 2009

.............. this section is a presentation and review of some better quality Blended Scotch Whisky.
I couldn't possibly list all the Blended's as there would be over 400 ! but this little list will be enhanced by the addition of Blended Malts as well as Blended Scotch.
To save obvious confusion, I will refer to Blended Malts as Maltblend.

As for the confusion,
blame the McMandarins.

BLENDED WHISKY ..........combination of one or more pot-still single malted barley spirit with continuous-still single or multi grain spirit in variable proportions. Matured in oak barrels for minimum of three years.

BLENDED MALT WHISKY (MALTBLEND) ................ combination of two or more malted barley spirits, usually from Pot Stills, and matured in oak barrels for minimum of three years.
NOTE - you will often see a Maltblend be refered to as 'Pure' or 'vatted' Malts.

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